A quiet time

Kristian and Nala the Vizsla

I haven’t posted for a while, and yet I’ve been writing more consistently than ever. Each time I turn on my computer or phone I try to take some time to journal in Day One. I love this app and have always come back to it after trying many others.

This is an aside to the real reason for my post. To explain the quiet. I bought a new Kindle on Prime day and have become a book reading machine. well, I’ve been reading more at least. You get the idea… My reading has been focussed on St Francis of Assisi and surfing Buddhists. There has been a consistent lesson in both, take time for reflection and stillness.

I’ve been learning to be a dad in the last seven weeks, that has meant being intentional with everything, when to walk Nala, when to do email and even when to shower. My plan is to not just get through the time of less sleep and change but to enjoy every minute of it.

Quite a grand idea right?

I’ve watched more starry skies and sunrises since Joshua Jack was born, 5 am is his key time to need a change of scenery. My heart is full and I haven’t been able to put into words what that looks like in any meaningful way for people to read. The average Day One post is as follows:

“Joshua slept 6 hours last night. He’s so amazing. When he woke up he smiled at me and I cried because I was happy. Then he cried because he was hungry. Nala has been a brilliant dog sister. I caved and had caffeine today, it really isn’t my friend long term”

That’s it.

Along with all the other things to be intentional about, this season also needs intentional space for learning. I notice if I go more than a few days without moving towards a new skill or project my mind gets cloudy. Get my brain a quick workout and all is well.

Learning whilst having a seven-week old baby is interesting. I’ve worked on building websites with him strapped to my chest (if you have need of a baby carrier I can highly recommend this one by ErgoBaby) and I’ve sat joggling his buggy whilst working on support cases.

I love it.

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.


This time of quiet hasn’t been true quiet, more a time to adjust and prepare for the next stage of life. Life is good, I’m just working out how to do this season well. I’ll be back more I promise.


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