A week of YouTube – Dogs 101

7 years ago I was desperate to get a dog. Well, actually for about 25 years I was desperate for a dog, but 7 years ago I felt I could actually get one. We lived in Manchester and I wanted a big dog to live in my house, frighten burglars and play chase with me. 

We kept getting close to getting a dog. Staffies, huskies, boxers. I accidentally ended up on a waiting list for a Greater Swiss Mountain dog. This would have been bad for the dog and I had I gone through with it. Our next home was a 1 bed flat in Sussex, there was no room for us let alone a dog, Greater or otherwise. 

I decided I needed to wait and my friend said to me, from your list it sounds like you need a Vizsla. I had never heard of this dog. I did a YouTube search and ended up on the Dogs 101 page. I have since watched this video about 50 times. 

We now own a Vizsla and couldn’t be happier. 

Thank you dogs 101 for your explaination, whimsical music and swooshing sound effects. You were right, we love our Vizsla. 

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