A week of YouTube – John Butler

I was sat at a friends house and we were discussing the future of our band (spoiler, there was no future. RIP band). My friend was chatting about how he enjoyed the technicality of metal but the soul of acoustic music.

I thought this was very wise, and quite a cool thing to say. I decided there and then I would tell someone else those were my feelings at some point in the near future.

My friend then turned to me and said ‘listen to this, if only we could play like this guy’.

That is how I was introduced to John Butler. I started collecting his albums and listen to a recent live album ‘The tin shed tales’ at least once a month.

It is just beautiful and I’m glad my friend introduced me to this song. It makes me smile, relax and celebrate that some people practiced so much that they got incredible at guitar.

Just to make it slightly more modern, here’s a new version. Though sadly there is 100% less dreadlocks.

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