Who am I?


Hello, my name is Kristian.

I am blogging here to help document some of the things I am learning in my work (Customer Experience Manager), my reading (Usually business books) and my listening (records are my new fav).

I know you are supposed to get really niche with a blog, but I don’t know what I will enjoy writing about so until I do it shall be random amongst the themes above.

Here are some things you should know about the blog and about me:

  • This blog will be about dogs, ideas, books and records.
  • I once surfed with sharks. It isn’t brave. I only found out about the sharks after I left the water. I tried to look calm but most people were on to me…
  • The look and feel of this blog is likely to change. I shall be practicing my website building at the same time as blogging.
  • I have a kayak called the ‘Good ship who shot biggie smalls’. It is a floating machine.
  • My wife and I have a Vizsla puppy named Nala (aka Dog Marley, aka Admiral Gunface sword tail). You will gather I am utterly obsessed with her and will probably talk about her exclusively for the next decade. 

Hope you enjoy the blog, drop me a comment on any of the posts linking to your blog – I’d love to have a read!