Blogging – the how and when

I set myself a challenge to blog every day in March. This challenge will be achieved in 3 days. Hooray!

I’ve blogged about starting blogging a few times (Inception – blogs within blogs, within blogs…). On each occasion I’ve never been able to get into a rhythm. Sporadic posts and not very interested in writing them. It turns out I needed to apply my approach to learning a new tech skill, make it a part of my routine and just get on with it.

I won’t write a good post every time (or any of the time depending on the level of banter), but the discipline of starting and finishing is positive. I learn what works and what doesn’t. I learn what I like writing about and what I don’t.

I only read, write and listen on the train now. My commute feels more intentional.

That being said, I truly believe the only reason I was able to complete the month was because I set myself topics for a week. The month has flown by.

The decision now is, at what rate should I carry on blogging?

I am going to blog sporadically¬†in April because there is some hardcore learning to be done. These new skills are tech related and I just need to give them my full attention. I will pause for the most part and resume in May with stories of all the learning I’ve undertaken.

March, we’re nearly through. It’s been fun. Let’s see what April brings.

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