Saturday freestyle

Sadly I am not a rapper (the jumper above should prove that).

Today we shall be carrying on as we are in the picture above, decorating the babies nursery. There are two things you need for decorating:

1) Tea

2) Music and Podcasts

You also need decorating supplies as well…

There are three things you need for decorating but let’s focus on items 1 & 2.

1) Tea

I am decaf at the moment and really enjoying it. I shall be buying some nice loose leaf tea from Edgecombes today. Calm painting is always good, then when you fall into a paint pot or make a mistake you are so Zen it doesn’t matter *

2) Music and Podcasts

I am listening to Stormzy’s album lots and lots this week, Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis and always seem to end up listening to Housefires.

I tend to get addicted to Podcasts and then move on after about 4-6 months. The exception to this rule is the Tim Ferriss podcast. I’ve been addicted for a long time and I don’t see that ending. The recent episodes with Krista Tippett and then Jerrod Carmichael will go down as some of my favourites.

The Tim Ferriss affect is alive and well, I’m now also addicted to Krista Tippett’s podcast. The one with Eugene Peterson was as inspirational as I have known in a very long time and will be making space for poetry on his recommendation.

That’s it. A Saturday freestyle listing the things I need to power through this decorating and building IKEA things.

Happy Saturday!

* not a promise that if you drink tea you won’t care if you fall in a paint pot. You probably will. Your socks will also be ruined.

One thing at a time

I’m a multitasking guru.

Well, guru is a bit strong. Experienced practioner is probably closer.

Actually, even that feels a bit too much. I definitely multitask, but I’m not sure I’m that good at it.

I don’t mean I can’t do it. I mean it makes me half do a lot of things.

I will be writing e mails, listening to music and eating.

Watching the news, half having a conversation and replying to messages.

I’m not completely given to any task.

There are times where this is needed (parents you get my unending respect for being able to feed a baby, cook and do everything else you need to), there are others where I should just be doing one thing.

I have often tried to read and listen to music with lyrics. On a purely practical level my memory then doesn’t store the lyrics or the book content in the way it usually would. I want to be more present, I want to make the most of each moment and not just half do lots of things in the name of getting things done.

I included the picture above because it took me most of the day to level my garden (moving the soil to the dump is the next task…). I had no headphones in, just did it. It was great and started me on the journey of why do I always try and do more than one thing at a time?

This is my long way round of saying, this week I shall be attempting to just focus on one thing at a time. Give my focus and attention and being present.

Happy Monday 💪🏻😎

Hard work and good things

Pippa and I purchased a house in December last year. We are so pleased with it and are slowly working our way through all the decorating etc.

The garden is my next focus. When we bought the garden we liked that a third of it was decking, a big bit that was just soil and then a 10ft X 8ft shed with electricity (my instant thought was ‘man cave’).

Now comes sorting it.

The decking is easy, clean, stain and done. It is in roughly the same state it was in when we moved.

No problem.

The ‘soil’ was not just soil. Up until 4 weeks ago it was just soil. I was preparing to lay turf and move on.

But there was a secret under the surface. It was not just soil, it was killer weeds from Mars out to dominate my garden and slow me down.

On Monday night I came back from work and spent almost 3 hours digging it over, weeding and getting it ready.

Read for the transformation shot?


I was talking to friends about this and there responses ranged from ‘I’d just get a guy in to do that’ to ‘it’s hard work having a garden isn’t it’.

I loved every minute.

This week I am focussing on the fun of working hard and toward something. I didn’t used to have a garden to look after. I’m grateful I do now.

This week your work may be hard, you may be thinking that you’d rather be doing something else. Sometimes hard work is its own reward.

Keep on keeping on.

I’m seeing more and more that good things follow those who work hard. Those who put lots (notice I didn’t say everything,save the best for those you love) into their work.

I’ll let you know once the garden is done. Not to spoil it but there may not be a man cave…