The calm, mindful me

I have been experimenting with various mindfulness techniques over the last 12 months or so.

I work in a city called Brighton in the UK. Lots of people in Brighton seem to love mindfulness and anything to do with their spirituality. I began to hear more and more people speak about mindfulness.

Conversations on the train:

‘Sorry, I didn’t hear you talking to me. I was doing my mindful breathing exercises’

Conversations in coffee shops:

‘I’m only drinking Pu erh tea now and trying to drink mindfully’

There’s even a book for mindful dogs, though as I’ve stated before, Nala doesn’t need it. She’s very advanced for a dog who fell in a pond twice today and was sick because she drank salt water.

My journey took its first real steps when I heard about the Headspace app via the Tim Ferris podcast. I took the 7 day trial and loved it.

The soothing tones of Andy Puddicombe made you immediately feel at ease.

The animations made you believe that in the cartoon world everything was relaxing and you too could live there as a happy lumberjack who slept well (Just me? Ok…).

I then started to read more books about mindfulness and came to the conclusion it was a wonderful thing. I looked into going to the Oxford Mindfulness centre to learn to become a mindfulness teacher later on. I took every opportunity to tell people they should try the app and see if it works for them. I bought books and read everything I could about it.

Cut to me falling into a the trap of reading too much and not applying enough. It fell out of my routine, to be replaced by a variety of other good things (reading, writing etc).

These last few weeks I’ve started up again. I’m trying the Calm app, and trying to catch myself before my mind becomes too busy during the work day and trying to take a few moments to breathe and focus again.

After just a few days of this I notice the difference. I’m calmer, kinder and more focussed. Looking forward to seeing what a difference a few weeks will make.

I read it somewhere – the search

I caught a wave of inspiration yesterday. I’d finished a book, was working on some projects and felt excited about life. As the saying goes, it is easier to steer a moving boat. I focussed on the win and how good it felt and decided to start planning more decorating and code work, moving forward.

I had heard on a podcast about planning your work with ‘what by when’ in mind. What will you deliver by when.

One of the weirdest reactions I have to starting projects, or at least defining their scope, is to buy a new notebook.

I know, weird isn’t it.

I will be using this notebook to define what my projects are. The two week experiments and 6 month goals. I won’t share here, that is between me and the notebook.

The picture above was the one I settled on. I found it in a little stationary shop in Brighton. The title is taken from a religious tract from 1875 called ‘Dreaming and doing’. It took me ages to get a synopsis but eventually found the whole book which you can read for free here on Google books.

I bought the notebook with no idea what the book was actually about. I just liked the title. It turns out I love the book as well.

What are the steps between dreaming and doing? Ideas are celebrated, and rightly so, but they have quite a small (if any) value without hard work to bring them to life.

“How vexing it is!” said Luke “I meant to have got forward but somehow everything is against me”

Dreaming and doing – Uncle Rupert

Ideas and plans are all good but what will be put in place to move towards them this week? Early to bed early to rise? Slightly less Netflix? Let’s not get to the end of this week with the words “I meant to have got forward” being the best summary of our week. Give it your all at work, at home, in every area. Sacrifice to build something wonderful. Move from dreaming to doing.

It’ll be worth it.

Radio silence, mindfulness and a playlist

I’ve been on a social media blackout, no posts for sometime. It’s been lovely. It’s allowing me to work on some fun projects and give the real life human beings in my life my attention and time.
The projects aren’t ready to be talked about yet, as soon as they are I shall tell you.
I’ve also been reading lots about mindfulness, it has been wonderful.
Here’s the things you need to know in the world of me before I go quiet again:

I thought I’d sum this one up in a playlist, check it out via this link. I can also sum it up by shouting the following;



Books I’m loving

Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality
Elon Musk – How the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future (Listened on Audible)

Apps I’m loving

Right, that’s it. See you 💪🏻😎