Saturday freestyle – soundtrack to the week

I love a live album. 

RHCP live at Hyde Park. Not widely appreciated but it was my first HUGE gig and I loved it with all my heart.

Jay Z unplugged. I recorded this on VHS from MTV base. I came close to wearing the video out. 

Foo fighters at Hyde Park (I don’t only like rock shows from Hyde park I promise). I watched Everlong about 50 times when I got this DVD one Christmas. 

This week has been the turn of Greenday. Wonderful songs, all the energy and a crowd that adores them. 

So, so much fun. 

Hooray for the live album!

Saturday freestyle – bobs burgers

If we’ve spoken for any extended period of time over the last 25 years you will know of my love of the Simpsons. I still sometimes come home from work and check which one is on TV. 

Cartoons are wonderful. 

Bobs burgers if fast joining my list of favourites, simply because of Gene.

Where are their arms and legs, it’s not ok. 

My feelings exactly.

Saturday Freestyle – The song of the week

In a week of blogging dedicated to Nala my dog it seems only fitting that the song to soundtrack this week is ‘I love my dog’ by Yusuf/Cat Stevens.

I shall be listening to this and other dog related songs exclusively today. 

Who let the dogs out by the Baha men

Dogs by Pink floyd 

Dogs of war AC/DC

What’s my name Snoop dogg

Honesty time, I wrote that as a joke but as I typed those songs in it became more of an actual plan. There is some great dog songs it seems. 

An added bonus will be some time to reflect on who actually let the dogs out. 

Happy Saturday!

Saturday freestyle

Sadly I am not a rapper (the jumper above should prove that).

Today we shall be carrying on as we are in the picture above, decorating the babies nursery. There are two things you need for decorating:

1) Tea

2) Music and Podcasts

You also need decorating supplies as well…

There are three things you need for decorating but let’s focus on items 1 & 2.

1) Tea

I am decaf at the moment and really enjoying it. I shall be buying some nice loose leaf tea from Edgecombes today. Calm painting is always good, then when you fall into a paint pot or make a mistake you are so Zen it doesn’t matter *

2) Music and Podcasts

I am listening to Stormzy’s album┬álots and lots this week, Sketches of Spain┬áby Miles Davis and always seem to end up listening to Housefires.

I tend to get addicted to Podcasts and then move on after about 4-6 months. The exception to this rule is the Tim Ferriss podcast. I’ve been addicted for a long time and I don’t see that ending. The recent episodes with Krista Tippett and then Jerrod Carmichael will go down as some of my favourites.

The Tim Ferriss affect is alive and well, I’m now also addicted to Krista Tippett’s podcast. The one with Eugene Peterson was as inspirational as I have known in a very long time and will be making space for poetry on his recommendation.

That’s it. A Saturday freestyle listing the things I need to power through this decorating and building IKEA things.

Happy Saturday!

* not a promise that if you drink tea you won’t care if you fall in a paint pot. You probably will. Your socks will also be ruined.