My enemy, my friend

Cappuccino in VeniceCaffeine, my friend my enemy.

Just kidding, it’s not that serious.

I never really thought about caffeine when I started drinking coffee. My mind just felt energised. This was good. It was only when I started to feel a bit stressed that I couldn’t work out why I would go from feeling fine to chest pains in minutes. Turns out it was the 7 coffees I’d drunk that day. I reduced the number of coffees but didn’t stop drinking them.

The next stage was ‘powering through’. I got a job that meant I was getting up at 5:30am and getting back in the house at 8pm. This job also had LOVELY coffee available all day. The commute made me feel quite tired so I made full use of this availability.

Around 4 months into this job I had put an incredible amount of caffeine into my system. One evening I leapt onto the wrong train, ending up going west rather than south and being abandoned in a deserted station I’d never heard of. This was swiftly followed by a teary call to my wife saying:

‘I can’t do this job any more, I’m tired and I’m lost’.
‘Oh babe, you can – you’re not lost, you’re on a path to a great career’

‘No, I mean I got on the wrong train and I have no clue where I am’.

I could carry on, I was being cafi-matic, (caffeine induced dramatic) and finished my 12 month contract with that company, breaking the company record for number of marketing people helped in 1 year (humble brag) just with a greatly reduced caffeine intake.

Roll forward to March 2017. I’ve had various seasons where I have come off of caffeine completely, and but mostly limit myself to a max of two coffees a day.

I’m Kristian, I’m a caffeine addict.

Caffeine has now left my routine. I’m more level in my emotions, I keep finding I can process things better. Drinking decaf isn’t nearly as fun but the benefits far out way any loss.

Whilst writing this I’m sipping a decaf tea on the train. No emotion peaks, just calm.


Blogging – the how and when

I set myself a challenge to blog every day in March. This challenge will be achieved in 3 days. Hooray!

I’ve blogged about starting blogging a few times (Inception – blogs within blogs, within blogs…). On each occasion I’ve never been able to get into a rhythm. Sporadic posts and not very interested in writing them. It turns out I needed to apply my approach to learning a new tech skill, make it a part of my routine and just get on with it.

I won’t write a good post every time (or any of the time depending on the level of banter), but the discipline of starting and finishing is positive. I learn what works and what doesn’t. I learn what I like writing about and what I don’t.

I only read, write and listen on the train now. My commute feels more intentional.

That being said, I truly believe the only reason I was able to complete the month was because I set myself topics for a week. The month has flown by.

The decision now is, at what rate should I carry on blogging?

I am going to blog sporadically¬†in April because there is some hardcore learning to be done. These new skills are tech related and I just need to give them my full attention. I will pause for the most part and resume in May with stories of all the learning I’ve undertaken.

March, we’re nearly through. It’s been fun. Let’s see what April brings.

Sunday – quiet

My little brother, spending relaxed time doing what he loves. 

I have lots to learn from him and am very grateful for him. 

A week of YouTube

As part of my challenge to blog everyday in March I have been setting myself weekly themes. This weeks theme shall be a week of YouTube.

I have been relearning the WordPress platform from scratch and was watching a video about media files. I know what you’re thinking, great story Kristian. 

The video mentioned about YouTube videos URLs being able to be copied in and automatically pulled through. My mind decided I should spend a week talking about my favourite videos. 

My little brother watches a lot of YouTube and is constantly sending me brilliant videos. These will likely be the videos I have watched the most rather than what has made me laugh recently. 

Tomorrow – an introduction to Nala. 

Sunday – No hurry, no pause

No hurry, No pause desktop

This dimly lit picture is my desktop background. I heard this on the Tim Ferriss podcast a few months ago and it has been my background since then. My desktop is the first thing I see when logging in, I like it to speak something helpful to me.

The meaning I take each time I log in is that I can get everything done well. There is no need for hurry, and there is no need for pause. Upon reflection maybe I should have a footnote. No hurry, no pause *

* Well, pausing one day a week is good for the soul.

Really what it means to me is that finding the right pace to work well and not burnout. Consistently working and achieving.