Sunday – quiet

My little brother, spending relaxed time doing what he loves. 

I have lots to learn from him and am very grateful for him. 

A week of YouTube

As part of my challenge to blog everyday in March I have been setting myself weekly themes. This weeks theme shall be a week of YouTube.

I have been relearning the WordPress platform from scratch and was watching a video about media files. I know what you’re thinking, great story Kristian. 

The video mentioned about YouTube videos URLs being able to be copied in and automatically pulled through. My mind decided I should spend a week talking about my favourite videos. 

My little brother watches a lot of YouTube and is constantly sending me brilliant videos. These will likely be the videos I have watched the most rather than what has made me laugh recently. 

Tomorrow – an introduction to Nala. 

Sunday – No hurry, no pause

No hurry, No pause desktop

This dimly lit picture is my desktop background. I heard this on the Tim Ferriss podcast a few months ago and it has been my background since then. My desktop is the first thing I see when logging in, I like it to speak something helpful to me.

The meaning I take each time I log in is that I can get everything done well. There is no need for hurry, and there is no need for pause. Upon reflection maybe I should have a footnote. No hurry, no pause *

* Well, pausing one day a week is good for the soul.

Really what it means to me is that finding the right pace to work well and not burnout. Consistently working and achieving.


I read it somewhere – reading something new

Most of my family are all musicians. Really, really good musicians. My dad is a Jazzer, my mum a singer, Amy can pick up any instrument and just play it.

I never really gave the time to become anything more than average. I know some guitar chords, how to play a walking bass part and can play some chords on Piano – though can’t tell you what the chords are…

Sometimes I go through times where I am just desperate to play music and get frustrated that I can’t play more. Out comes the Jack Johnson chord book, the guitar is picked up and away I go.

I often feel that way about normal books as well. I get frustrated as I want to explore some ideas but don’t have the right book in my collection. I order another and it may be good but maybe not quite right, but it moves me on. I’ve started to see books like this, as stepping stones to build a new idea. I may not need the information now but hopefully I can store it – something to build.

Sunday – The overflow

Last week I mentioned I try to use Sunday to reflect on the week and lovely things. 

I’m working through the On being Podcasts at the moment. The Brother Steindl-Rast episode from Jan 2016 has been the source of so much inspiration this week. Here is a quote from from that episode of the On Being podcast in January 2016.

…for many people in our culture, the heart fills up with joy, with gratefulness, and just at the moment when it wants to overflow and really the joy comes to itself, at that moment, advertisement comes in and says “No, no, there’s a better model, and there’s a newer model, and your neighbor has a bigger one.” And so instead of overflowing, we make the bowl bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And it never overflows. It never…

Brother Steindl-Rast

My mission is to let my gratitude overflow, to dodge the trap of ‘I have reached this goal/dream – what’s next’

Gratitude in the moment, to life with a life overflowing with gratitude for everyone and everything in it.