A week of YouTube – John Butler

I was sat at a friends house and we were discussing the future of our band (spoiler, there was no future. RIP band). My friend was chatting about how he enjoyed the technicality of metal but the soul of acoustic music.

I thought this was very wise, and quite a cool thing to say. I decided there and then I would tell someone else those were my feelings at some point in the near future.

My friend then turned to me and said ‘listen to this, if only we could play like this guy’.

That is how I was introduced to John Butler. I started collecting his albums and listen to a recent live album ‘The tin shed tales’ at least once a month.

It is just beautiful and I’m glad my friend introduced me to this song. It makes me smile, relax and celebrate that some people practiced so much that they got incredible at guitar.

Just to make it slightly more modern, here’s a new version. Though sadly there is 100% less dreadlocks.

A week of YouTube – Flight of the Conchords

YouTube happened, we all watched those guys lip sync to the Backstreet boys, started to watch more and more, then it seemingly took over the world and became a career choice for many.

There was a season where I only watched comedy on YouTube. I often prefer music without the video. Chance the Rapper, Same drugs is a big exception to this. It has puppets playing the piano and directing the video. What more could you want from a video? 

Back to the comedy videos. As with the way I find most things a friend said ‘have you heard of Flight of the Conchords?’. I confessed I hadn’t assuming it was an Indy band I wouldn’t really like. 

I was overjoyed to find out they are “New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”. 

I love every song from the first season but the Lord of the Rings parody possibly takes first place (Albi the racist dragon is second). I can’t decide if it is my love of Lord of the Rings that makes me love it, or the playing a solo on an axe shaped guitar. It is likely that it is both. 

For whatever reason I love it, I regularly check back on this video. 

Strongest advice, Frodo don’t wear the ring. 

A week of YouTube – Dogs 101

7 years ago I was desperate to get a dog. Well, actually for about 25 years I was desperate for a dog, but 7 years ago I felt I could actually get one. We lived in Manchester and I wanted a big dog to live in my house, frighten burglars and play chase with me. 

We kept getting close to getting a dog. Staffies, huskies, boxers. I accidentally ended up on a waiting list for a Greater Swiss Mountain dog. This would have been bad for the dog and I had I gone through with it. Our next home was a 1 bed flat in Sussex, there was no room for us let alone a dog, Greater or otherwise. 

I decided I needed to wait and my friend said to me, from your list it sounds like you need a Vizsla. I had never heard of this dog. I did a YouTube search and ended up on the Dogs 101 page. I have since watched this video about 50 times. 

We now own a Vizsla and couldn’t be happier. 

Thank you dogs 101 for your explaination, whimsical music and swooshing sound effects. You were right, we love our Vizsla. 

A week of YouTube

As part of my challenge to blog everyday in March I have been setting myself weekly themes. This weeks theme shall be a week of YouTube.

I have been relearning the WordPress platform from scratch and was watching a video about media files. I know what you’re thinking, great story Kristian. 

The video mentioned about YouTube videos URLs being able to be copied in and automatically pulled through. My mind decided I should spend a week talking about my favourite videos. 

My little brother watches a lot of YouTube and is constantly sending me brilliant videos. These will likely be the videos I have watched the most rather than what has made me laugh recently. 

Tomorrow – an introduction to Nala.