Creating something lasting

I recently went to Venice. Venice is now in my favourite places in the world. 

The churches, the locals, the coffee, the boats and houses on the river. 


My wife and I went round lots of old churches. For such a small place there really is an abundance of churches. 

The picture above really does no justice to how wonderful the churches are. 

I won’t turn this into a travel journal, or even a thesis on architecture (largely because I know nothing about either). 

What all this beauty made me think was as follows:

Is there any one who can still make beautiful art on this scale? Did the skill get lost when cathedrals weren’t as popular as building projects? 

Closely followed by:

Hundreds of years ago someone used their talent and built something lasting, beautiful and grand. Centuries later I’m stood enjoying their work, thinking about legacy. 

This week I shall be thinking more about what we build that lasts. 

The statement is as follows, ‘websites, projects and legacy can fade – what do we leave that lasts?’ 

Happy Monday to you and yours. 

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