Happy memories

This is new music, but there is something wonderfully familiar.

Pop-punk (my catch all name for music like this) has a very special place in my heart.

The first band I was in was focussed solely around the music of Blink-182. It reminds me of skateboard events we used to put on in summer and of beach fires with friends. It reminds me of my friend Matt who we lost 6 years ago after bravely going 12 rounds with cancer. It reminds me of driving to Brighton with my little brother, explaining which words in the songs he shouldn't use.

Music has the ability to trigger nostalgia in me more than film or even place, though often music will help me to recall places and time of my life.
I was sat in my room on the floor incredibly bored the first time I heard the Outkast track, Ms Jackson and ran downstairs to beg my mum to drive me to a shop to go and buy the album, one I revisit often.

I was channel surfing the first time I heard Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, turned the TV off, got on a train and went to buy the album.

Hooray for memories, friends and the good ship pop punk (and a sub-hooray for Outkast) and all who sail in her.

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