Hard work and good things

Pippa and I purchased a house in December last year. We are so pleased with it and are slowly working our way through all the decorating etc.

The garden is my next focus. When we bought the garden we liked that a third of it was decking, a big bit that was just soil and then a 10ft X 8ft shed with electricity (my instant thought was ‘man cave’).

Now comes sorting it.

The decking is easy, clean, stain and done. It is in roughly the same state it was in when we moved.

No problem.

The ‘soil’ was not just soil. Up until 4 weeks ago it was just soil. I was preparing to lay turf and move on.

But there was a secret under the surface. It was not just soil, it was killer weeds from Mars out to dominate my garden and slow me down.

On Monday night I came back from work and spent almost 3 hours digging it over, weeding and getting it ready.

Read for the transformation shot?


I was talking to friends about this and there responses ranged from ‘I’d just get a guy in to do that’ to ‘it’s hard work having a garden isn’t it’.

I loved every minute.

This week I am focussing on the fun of working hard and toward something. I didn’t used to have a garden to look after. I’m grateful I do now.

This week your work may be hard, you may be thinking that you’d rather be doing something else. Sometimes hard work is its own reward.

Keep on keeping on.

I’m seeing more and more that good things follow those who work hard. Those who put lots (notice I didn’t say everything,save the best for those you love) into their work.

I’ll let you know once the garden is done. Not to spoil it but there may not be a man cave…

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