Hello computer games, my old friend

I am going on a direct debit cleanse. Asking what I have leaving my account each month, which ones aren't needed.
This is all part of my plan to be more content with what I already have and also make room to give more money to things we care about.

I cancelled Sky TV (a whopping £55 pcm), I don't even watch much TV. I had in my mind from being a very small child that I would always have Sky, I thought if I could just watch the Simpsons every day I would be successful. I've spoken in previous posts about how Kristian jr missed the point A LOT.

I've been gradually reducing the amount we spend on Sky, taking sports off etc. In September we shall no longer have SkyHD in all its expensive glory we will have Prime Video, Netflix and Now TV.

Now TV is the reason for this post. I can get all the box sets, movies etc for £50 for 6 months, rather than one month.

No brainier.

Trouble is I need something to play it on. All smart TVs have the option to add it, my TV is definitely not smart. It works perfectly so no matter the amount of banter I get from my friends it will not be replaced until it breaks (I still think it's lovey, a gigantic bezel isn't that much of an issue…).

Enter Xbox one.

I traded in old Xbox 360 bits and bobs and got it for cheaper than buying a now TV box and definitely than a new TV.

No brainier mk2.

It plays all of the above TV apps and incredibly fun games.
I haven't regularly played games since I was 19.
I won't be playing tons of games but it's fun to play games online with my little brother who lives an hour away.

The whole reason for this post, THE MOST FUN GAME EVER!!!

Just Cause 3.

Everything explodes. You have a grappling hook, parachute and wing suit available at all times. There is missions, a gigantic world to explore and all kinds of vehicles to go in.

Kristian Jr would have loved this. Kristian of today loves it a lot.

I took a helicopter, flew to the highest point in the game and jumped off and rode my wingsuit as far as I could.

Pointless but so fun.

I've fought playing computer games for ages as it feels like a waste of time. I played for half an hour last night, relaxed and got back on with the learning I wanted to do.

Xbox, it's nice to meet you. Computer games, its turns out you are even more wonderful than I remember.

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