How I learnt to love books

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My Nan loved books. Her house was full of them. History, biography, novels, map books – a little bit of everything.

I took longer to love books, all I wanted to read when I was at school was the books they made me read (and really I only read them to try and get to a higher level of reading books than my friends. Competitive six year old Kristian was sweet…) and comics like the Beano and Dandy. My parents even went into my school to find out why I refused to read books at home, only comics. The teacher wasn’t worried, said my reading was of a good standard and it was good that I was reading anything.

I loved that teacher.

I stuck with the comics and enforced reading until school year 4 or 5 (age 8 – 9), then I discovered the Goosebumps books by RL Stine. I really don’t like horror movies – as in I will never watch them, who knows why I loved these books but I did. I read every single one of them.

When my Nan found out that I liked them I would get each new one as soon as it came out. She wanted me to read, but waited until she found what I liked (my nan was also a large part of my source of my Beano and Dandy collection).

My love of reading morphed into loving magazines and newspapers in my teens to age 22 when I bought my first ‘business’ book. I was catching a flight to Austria to do some football coaching and wanted people to think that I was a businessman (I was not) so I went into the airport book shop and bought a book about personality and ego. I don’t even remember the title because I didn’t read it. I just put it on my fold out tray on the plane so people would think I was a businessman.

I really, really wish I was kidding.

Shortly after that I pledged to only read books that interested me. Since then I have read hundreds of business, spirituality and biography books.

I read on average about 20 books a year. When I don’t feel like reading anything for a while, I don’t. 

I am just coming out of a month where I didn’t feel like reading anything. My friend said I should read some Patrick Lencioni. I had heard of him because lots of friends saw him speak at the HTB leadership conference a couple of years ago. I had the books my friend lent me for a couple of weeks and kept meaning to get started but other things came up. On Wednesday evening I read the first chapter.

I was hooked. I then proceeded to read half of the book in one sitting. It is Friday morning and I have just finished it.

It is now classed as one of my favourite books I have read in the last few years.

I may work on a fuller review of the book  later on. This post is just to say ‘Hooray for books’ and I hope you are reading something in your downtime that is inspiring you and you are enjoying. If you aren’t, put it down and start something that really catches your attention. Life is too short for boring books.



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