I read it somewhere – reading something new

Most of my family are all musicians. Really, really good musicians. My dad is a Jazzer, my mum a singer, Amy can pick up any instrument and just play it.

I never really gave the time to become anything more than average. I know some guitar chords, how to play a walking bass part and can play some chords on Piano – though can’t tell you what the chords are…

Sometimes I go through times where I am just desperate to play music and get frustrated that I can’t play more. Out comes the Jack Johnson chord book, the guitar is picked up and away I go.

I often feel that way about normal books as well. I get frustrated as I want to explore some ideas but don’t have the right book in my collection. I order another and it may be good but maybe not quite right, but it moves me on. I’ve started to see books like this, as stepping stones to build a new idea. I may not need the information now but hopefully I can store it – something to build.

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