I read it somewhere – The next ones

The books above the tv

Every day I try to read something, it is yoga for the brain. Possibly it is weight lifting for the brain. If you’re reading something long and boring its an ultra marathon for the brain, painful but you know you will feel a sense of achievement for finishing. At the very least you can tell people you did it.

At various points in my life people have celebrated reading and encouraged me to read.

‘Leaders are readers’ some would cry

‘You can travel without leaving your lounge;

‘I don’t care, you have to read the teacher said so’

Each impacted me in a different way.

The books next on my list fit into my usual pattern. A business book, a dog training book, a preparing for baby book and a biography. I don’t really ever leave this pattern. I would like to branch out a bit more so will be trying two new types of books.



Brave aren’t I.

What if I am missing out on the very book that will unlock something wonderful just because I tried before and I didn’t like it?

The trouble is, I don’t know where to start. What poetry do you read first? A classic? The highly celebrated new one?

Don’t even get me started on novels. The choice is unlimited!

I suppose that is the point, choose one quickly, read it, spend some time with it and move on. It doesn’t have to be THE book. The one that changes everything. It may just be a signpost to that book, the point is you’re moving towards it.

The challenge is to keep reading, keep engaging and keep moving. Keep on keeping on perhaps.

I shall of course let you know which books I settle on. They could be the signpost to a great one.

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