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I caught a wave of inspiration yesterday. I’d finished a book, was working on some projects and felt excited about life. As the saying goes, it is easier to steer a moving boat. I focussed on the win and how good it felt and decided to start planning more decorating and code work, moving forward.

I had heard on a podcast about planning your work with ‘what by when’ in mind. What will you deliver by when.

One of the weirdest reactions I have to starting projects, or at least defining their scope, is to buy a new notebook.

I know, weird isn’t it.

I will be using this notebook to define what my projects are. The two week experiments and 6 month goals. I won’t share here, that is between me and the notebook.

The picture above was the one I settled on. I found it in a little stationary shop in Brighton. The title is taken from a religious tract from 1875 called ‘Dreaming and doing’. It took me ages to get a synopsis but eventually found the whole book which you can read for free here on Google books.

I bought the notebook with no idea what the book was actually about. I just liked the title. It turns out I love the book as well.

What are the steps between dreaming and doing? Ideas are celebrated, and rightly so, but they have quite a small (if any) value without hard work to bring them to life.

“How vexing it is!” said Luke “I meant to have got forward but somehow everything is against me”

Dreaming and doing – Uncle Rupert

Ideas and plans are all good but what will be put in place to move towards them this week? Early to bed early to rise? Slightly less Netflix? Let’s not get to the end of this week with the words “I meant to have got forward” being the best summary of our week. Give it your all at work, at home, in every area. Sacrifice to build something wonderful. Move from dreaming to doing.

It’ll be worth it.

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