Saturday freestyle – The song of the week

Tom Waits - Closing time

Singer songwriters. Love them.

The first artist I remember loving growing up was Lonnie Donnegan (A song about a dustman will always appeal to a 6 year old). Then later on Jack Johnson was a borderline obsession.

Here is where I say something controversial. It will take a lot for me to say this.

I don’t understand Bob Dylan.

Don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot but I often feel quite confused listening to some songs. Ok, very confused.

I spent some time this week on Quora and someone said ‘It could be that Dylan’s lyrics don’t mean anything and he is just playing a huge joke on everyone’. I would love if that was the case on many levels. It would be great if scholars were debating nonsense lyrics and it would make me feel a lot better for not understanding.

This brings me to the song of the week. Tom Waits, lyrics you can understand the more time you spend with a song, is jazzy as anything and he uses the word lickety split which is greatly underused in polite society.

I will be exploring his later albums a but more this week. I am hoping for more jazz and more use of lickety split. I would settle on just the former though.

Happy Saturday!

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