Sxsw, vinyl and what’s next

I said in an earlier post that I love music.

I really do.

The first song I remember loving was ‘Birdland’ by the Manhattan Transfer. I’m not sure why but I just loved it. Then many, many years later my Dad played me the Weather report version and my head exploded (not literally obviously) and Jaco Pastorius became my hero.

The power rangers theme tune made 6 year old me hyper, the Raggy dolls made me think deeply about how toys should all be loved and Coronation Street still makes me think it’s Sunday, my hair has been washed and I have to go to school the next day.

I was listening to a sxsw playlist earlier today and I didn’t like any of the first 20 songs I listened to.

My first thought was, its over. You’re going to be that guy saying ‘it was so much better when the Chili Peppers released By the Way. Those were harmonies’.

Then I thought. What if I haven’t given the songs enough of a chance? What if one listen isn’t enough. Lots of the songs I love grew on me.

I very quickly treat music like a service. Hear the new thing and move on.

I have begun collecting vinyl to stop myself just consuming music, to try to sit with a record and enjoy it.

Sometimes things need some time to settle, to develop. Maybe it could be said some of the best things require it.

My Dad took the his copy of Kind of Blue back to the shop after buying it on release day. He hated it that much (to confirm, he then went back to it a month later and between us we must have bought 20 copies of it). 

I didn’t think I would keep watching the West Wing after 1 episode.

My challenge to myself today is not to run off and try to hear all the music, but to just enjoy a couple. Really listen and try to understand what the person is saying.

It’s all very pretentious I know, but I really don’t mean it like that.

I shall let you know what album I settle on.

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