The music that I loved this week

Classical musicians being incredible
I love music. 

I know, I know – everyone says that. 

Let me be more specific then. I love lots of different music. 

When I was a teenager I ONLY liked Hip Hop, or so I claimed to my friends. When at home I listened to a little bit of everything, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Metal etc. 

If anyone asked though I only liked Hip Hop. 

To this day I’m not sure why I told people that… Reverse-Hipsterism?

 If you want an idea of what teenage Kristian was like. Imagine the guy from the Offspring video – without the car…

These days I like music for all sorts of reasons. 

One is good for the gym. 

One for thinking. 

One for sleeping. 

So here it is, a Spotify Playlist with the songs (in no particular order) that I am loving in the month of May. Some are old, some new and some are for specific reasons. Like this blog, there is no theme. Just things I like. 

So here you are, my first public playlist

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