The Nala – preparing for a baby

Pippa and I are expecting our first baby in May.

We couldn’t be more excited.

The nursery is being painted (more to be done tonight) the buggy, car seat, cot and everything else has been bought.

We’re ready(ish).

The one variable we are still working on is The Nala. She has been the sole focus of our lives for the last few months since she came into our home. This will change in a couple of months when Baby Tucker arrives.

We have a book which comes with a cd of baby noises, we’re going to learn to walk beside the buggy with Nala. Nala will learn to settle whilst Pippa feeds the baby. We even have a doll to show Nala how to behave when we are holding the baby.

We won’t know how Nala will be until we bring the baby home. I’m ever hopeful that Nala will love the baby with all her heart.

We’re preparing like she will go mental but expecting her to be fine.

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