The Nala – Train the brain and body

The dog has four legs and one head and all five need activity in different ways – both physical and mental.

Nina Ottosson

Nala is a Vizsla. A simple Google search will quickly warn you that a Vizsla is not for everyone.  They have the brain activity requirements of a rocket scientist and the physical requirements of an Olympic long distance runner.

Frightening right.

Nala does need exercise, her brain gets bored very, very easily but she is also wonderful. She is cuddly, kind to strangers and a wonderful companion.

I put that in because it is no bad thing that she needs exercise and mental work, we chose her in part for that reason.

Getting Nala a physical workout is easy. She will walk as far as you want to (only up to 45 mins at the moment due to bone formation) and will them crash. The trouble with that is that because of all this exercise and her all raw diet her fitness very quickly adapts. What will send her to sleep on a Saturday will not scratch the surface on the Thursday.

Now for the brain!

The brain workout consistently wipes her out. Scent work, treat gambling and lead work all tire the little pups brain out. Again, she quickly learns but a lot slower than her fitness adapts.

This week I have ordered Nala’s first Nina Ottosson games. We’ve ordered the following:

Dog Magic (Level 1)

Dog Spinny (Level 1)

I’ve heard great things but held off up until this point and focussed on other games.

They arrive later this week. Let’s see how Nala likes a mental sweat…

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