The Nala – ‘You need to watch out for…’

This is Nala. I think she looks like Jar Jar Binks.

Nala is a hyperactive puppy who loves life. This involves being interested in everything, greeting everyone with equal enthusiasm and generally being lovely.

Training Nala is fun. She gets new tricks quite quickly, unless she’d rather be doing something else (sniffing a tree, chasing a leaf etc). We intend to get that little dog brain working as hard as possible with Gun dog training, swimming, trail running and agility training.

Which brings me to day 1 of this weeks subject – Nala the dog.

I received roughly 1 trillion scare stories about buying a Vizsla. They’re too energetic, they’re too big, they will destroy your house. None of these came true.

Lots of sentences start with ‘you need to watch out for’.


1) You want to go running with her? You need to watch out that she doesn’t get so fast she doesn’t run away.

2) You’re doing agility? Watch out that she doesn’t get so clever she goes mental.

3) You’re crate training her? Watch out that she doesn’t develop separation anxiety.

Nala has been absolutely lovely, I can’t decide if people were worried when they didn’t need to be or we just lucked out.

This week I shall be writing about Nala, how we got her, how we’re training her and what’s next.

Happy Monday!

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