The support I see #5 – Be yourself at work, on your commute and at home

Me as a member of the Tune Squad
Being myself includes a slight obsession with Michael Jordan and wearing his vests. Especially the Space Jam one
“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” Neil Gaiman

The final part of this 5 part series is here, the summary – be yourself.

Facebook has as part of their vision and values ” Move Fast, Be bold, Be yourself”. I love this. Move quickly towards the goal, making bold choices as you go and be you – its the best way to be.

I believe it takes a certain personality to make a career out of support. You’ll be logical, emotionally intelligent, self disciplined, patient, attentive and so much more. You’re already in support? Well done you, you’re already a legend.

There are traits of great support people as detailed above, but the exceptional ones I’ve seen bring all of that and also themselves. They are truly themselves as they interact with the world around them. There is no pretense, just a genuine kindness and desire to help. Their interactions aren’t forced with fake smiles and cheery but insincere cries of “Well you have a good day now”. They can gauge which customers want to talk about their day a bit before the call or just crack on and they are completely comfortable either way.

In each of these posts I’ve detailed what I think makes great support. This post closes this series off with a battle cry to be you. You should definitely work on being the best version of you, with your vision and goals in mind, what do you need to develop? What do you need to work on? Just don’t feel that being you is worse than trying to be *Insert the name anyone you look up to*. Take inspiration from them of course. I’m writing this on an iMac after my friend Dan told me that Mac’s are the greatest computers about 12 years ago. I’m typing this in Evernote after Michael Hyatt recommended it for note taking and idea logging, listening to the new remastered Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band after my year 8 music teacher played us Eleanor Rigby and I thought it was the saddest, but best song I had ever heard.

We should take inspiration from those around us and who are doing things but becoming a carbon copy isn’t the right move. Learn from people, analyse and bring it back to you and apply it if it fits.

You can give the best support by being comfortable as you.

So here ends the posts on my five steps to great support, my vision of what a support team member should be focussed on and some steps to getting there. Now we just have to go and apply it and offer the best support, it’s a great career and a great calling.

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