Things I love – books

I try to buy every 4th book from a physical book shop. It may save a small fortune to buy on Amazon but I will be sad if bookshops disappear. 

When I walk into the shop excited about what I might buy, what idea might be triggered, which new author might be discovered. 

Seth Godin said on a podcast that books represent a ‘stone cold bargain’, I couldn’t agree more. Ideas are tucked away, we just need to search. 

I realise that is very grand but I really, really love books.

Until I started reading lots I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have a train commute. I can get through books quickly and in only a few sittings. This is when books have the most impact for me, focus entirely on them and take note of the authors journey and what they want to convey. 

The fascination is because I believe the next truth that takes a part of my life to a brand new place is tucked away in a book. I just have to keep looking for it. 

My love of books will never leave, I intend to pass it on to my children and encourage them to read as much and as often as possible. From Dr Seuss to Narnia. When they want to start looking into the life of Steve Jobs, let’s just say there is a large part of our book collection waiting for them…

Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful book at the moment. 

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