Things I love – Family

Today I am feeling grateful for family. This is my immediate family as it stands, Pippa, (HRH) Baby Tucker on the way and Nala the dog (aka Admiral gunface sword tail).

I’m also grateful for my parents and siblings. My in laws and brother in law.

I’m grateful for the people in my wider family – aunts, uncles and the rest. 

I’m grateful for the people who have made us family when we moved to West Sussex. 

As the meme says, you might not see them all the time but when you do it’s as if you saw them just yesterday, everything is fine.

Today I am reflecting on the people I get to journey with and choosing to be grateful for every single one of them. Sometimes family is tough, it is the universes greatest tool for smoothing off the edges you don’t know are there, for bringing the best out of you and walking with you no matter what. 

I love family, I love the idea of it and it’s practical outworking in every day life. 

Here is to family, immediate, extended and those we choose who become like family.  

Good people, thanks for being you. 

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