Things I love – music from the other day

I work in Brighton, East Sussex. Brighton people love music. They love it a lot. 

People are very committed to finding and appreciating new music. Go to Resident on Record Store day and expect to queue for most of the morning. 

In my experience it’s always been this way, the genres have just changed. When I was growing up we would go and watch rock and punk (pop punk I should say…) gigs, love the music and and probably never hear of that band again. You then have the conversations that go something like 

‘didn’t that bass player go to join the lanky sprockets’

‘Oh yes, but they disbanded and became the lars’

‘Oh. That’s a shame the sprockets were great’

‘Yes. Yes they were’

‘I miss them’

‘Probs too soon for that. Oh mate…no… don’t cry.’

These days I try to keep up with new music but just can’t.

It’s exhausting. 

This week I have decided to embrace that and only listen to music I loved years ago. 

Blink 182, Take off your pants and jacket. Makes me think I am 15 and playing PlayStation 1.

Red hot chili peppers, By the way. When I hear The Zephyr song it reminds me of the first band I was in. We were utterly obsessed with the chilis and I was convinced I would become Flea. We were rubbish and slap bass/jazz trumpet continues to allude me.

Matt Costa, Songs we sing. I met my now wife shortly after buying this album. It reminds me of drives in my Fiesta with her and finding out all the things we wanted to know about each other. I also decided I wanted to be a surfer and wanted to be with Pippa forever listening to this. I never became a surfer.

Very sentimental, but true nonetheless. 

In listening to these albums again I not only reflect on what they meant but I give them new meaning. 

Matt Costa ‘Sunshine’ will now have the meaning of not only meeting the woman of my dreams, but now decorating the nursery of our first baby. 

By the way now reminds me of the bands I used to be in, but now of dancing in the living room with my puppy. 

Experiencing music from an earlier part of life is wonderful for the nostalgia rush, but giving them new meaning is even more wonderful. 

I realise I didn’t cover Blink 182. What can I say? It put me in a good mood aged 15, it still does. Can’t wait to play it to baby Tucker. When Pippa isn’t home probably…

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