Training my puppy, or my puppy training me

I have learnt a lot about myself whilst training my puppy. Here is a list in no particular order:

  • I expected a lot from a tiny creature that has only been on the planet a few weeks. She quickly corrected me on this one.
  • I love the process of training a puppy. She is so clever and attentive how could I not love it?!
  • At the start I would move from being excited about training successes to trying to nail the next trick/task.

These could sound semi-negative, in a way they are.

Having Nala has made me see lots of flaws in myself. I work on these every single day. Calm energy around the pup is the difference between a happy puppy loving working with me and a puppy that I have to convince to look at me.

My puppy is taking me to school.

More than anything this lovely puppy has taught me to live in the here and now. She doesn’t live for the weekend, doesn’t dream of being able to go on longer walks when she’s older. She is present.

My dog is more mindful than me…

Every day when Nala wakes up I am excited to see her. She is excited to see me. Complete love given back.

The only question she leaves me with is why didn’t I buy a dog sooner?

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